Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Folks under 44 - The number one cause of death

I was reading a website today. The site is very much in tune with what we at Pat Bay Reflective are trying to do > Prevent Accidents. The site is and is full of great information. These folks take a proactive view of accidents prevention. Even though preventable accidents are the number one killer for people up to the age of 44 in the Canadian province of British Columbia the good news is that this is something that people can actually do something about. By practicing common sense and being fully cognizant of the 'what if' factor we can reduce these deaths and injuries.
The 'what if' factor is what operational managers refer to as contingency planning. > What if that technician cannot solve the problem? What are the options?
In terms of accident prevention I adopt this "what if"operating principal to reflect the need to plan to work, play and rest safely. What if a car cannot see me at this corner? What if the wood stove chimney leaks? What if I lose my dog at night? What if I drink and drive? What if I am not properly trained on a motorcycle or scooter? Dealing with these questions and resolving the issues will keep you and yours safe. Think "What if?"

Be Safe, Be Seen in 2011

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