Monday, January 10, 2011

Doug and Cory Bond

My sister and her family recently lost their horse who was a big part of their world for more than 20 years. Very sad and it was thought that Kokanee was going to get better.  We pet owners cringe at the thought of losing one. Doug and Cory Bond deal with this regularly because the original pet owners did not have the integrity or means to stand by their pet.

These two retired police officers in Saanich British Columbia Canada take in abandoned, often ill older dogs to give them comfort and care during their remaining days. The vet bills are considerable, the sad days always near and the sense that they are making a difference always there.

As an aside one has to wonder how many of these dogs were abandoned because of inflated drug prices charged by unscrupulous veterinarians...refer CBC "Marketplace" episode.

Back to Doug and Cory - What can one say about people like this?
Read more at sends kudos to Doug and Cory...

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