Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Now hold on...

The rain was coming down in fifty gallon drums a few days ago. I saw a lady walking her dog accompanied somewhat reluctantly by who could only have been very good friend. The walker was out of breath, stumbling and bedraggled, the friend was shivering, her shoulders well rounded as the rain came down.

The closest house was at least two hundred yards distant, the traffic was steady and the spray off the tires added to the misery. The walker struggled to hold on to her dog and her sanity I expect. They surely realized that the ditch was becoming a small river as the rain came down.

There are moments that freeze in our memory and this will be one of mine. The two bedraggled walkers in the rain with the Labrador furiously wagging his tail nose to the ground oblivious to all except the fading scent as the rain came down.

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