Thursday, September 23, 2010

Home Safety Article and a top notch website

It doesn't always happen to someone else. Speaking from experience, accidents at home happen and they can be quite severe. In the United States 6 people out of 100 will be injured or die this year as a result of a fall at home. As the population ages you know that is going to increase. There are a number of reasons for that besides the age factor. One is simply clutter...the grandparents never want to give away gifts from their family and sometimes tend to want to hold on to things that best be put away. My mother has a small wool area rug in her living room which represents an accident waiting to happen. Will she put it away...not likely. The regularly used items on the top shelf, the stairs that always have something on them and the high room to room transition points where hardwood meets carpeting are all examples accidents waiting to happen.
Have a look at the the article from our website about making your home safer. As well take a look at the Home Safety Council's excellent web site . Take the My Safe Home tour as well.
 Hint - once past the introduction you need to click on the room names at the top.  

All the Best -- Budd

Sunday, September 19, 2010

As your dog ages

I look at my dog carefully counting the grey hairs and I realize that they are multiplying as fast as mine. If you follow this link you will find an excellent and humorous article on our website about how things change as you and your dog age.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More about Pat Bay Reflective

Greetings to all --- is the website of Pat Bay International. We create and market simple but effective safety products aimed at preventing accidents and injury to you, your family and your pets.

In partnering with Reflect and Glow products we have created a presence in both US and Canada. All of our products are Made in the United States. Yes we could make and donate more money if we imported goods from China. Our prices would be lower and our profits higher. We don't want to do that so with your support we will keep in that way. Four US based companies supply us with our patent pending products.

Here is what We Believe:
  • That higher quality, competitively priced products are made right here at home.
  • That it doesn't always happen to the other person.
  • That our smart, easy to use safety products are going to prevent serious injuries and worse.
  • That pets give far more than they take.
  • Decreasing household falls needs more attention.
  • That well run organizations helping the elderly and animals deserve our support.
All the Best,